Elizabeth Quinn 

Artist’s Statement

    Interwoven relationships; innerscapes; ecoscapes; the threads, layers and substances that entwine the diverse and multi-dimensional  passages of our lives into cohesive patterns and designs; these are the fertile soils of my imagination.  Mystical shared experiences pervade our collective emotions and psyches and provide me visual inspirations.  My work speaks to the abstract, unpredictable and unprecedented times we live in.  These are the visual stories and language I wish to share in my abstract interpretations.

    Change is happening in our lives, our environment, our economy, our culture, our society, and in our belief systems at an alarming speed.  It seems we feel untethered, adrift, always in search of some familiar ground or territory to rest our restless, weary spirits upon.  We must constantly re-evaluate and re-invent every aspect of our beliefs and realities in this constantly shifting paradigm to find our inner truths.

    I am enthralled with this dynamic energy, the fleeting passage of time, the personal journey and the magnificence found in nature and our eco-environments.  Hidden miracles wait to be revealed in each moment. Woven patterns reflect our interactions and inter-connectedness,  the relativity of the microcosm and macrocosm, man, woman, plants, all living creatures, nature and God. 

     There is integration and meaning beneath the surface and beyond our observed limitations.  These intangible realms pervade my imagination and explorations.  My paintings attempt homage to life’s great majesty and mystery; the hidden realms and etheric substance pervading all of life.